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Slenderman will haunt Joey King, Annalise Basso and more in 2018

05.22.2017by: Eric Walkuski

Slenderman Beware the Slenderman movie Joey King horror

The SLENDER MAN has himself some victims.

Joey King (soon to be seen cursed by a wish-giving box in WISH UPON), Annalise Basso (who dealt with a haunted mirror in OCULUS), Talitha Bateman (who will fend off a demonic doll in ANNABELLE: ORIGIN) Julia Goldani-Telles (The Affair), Jaz Sinclair and Alex Fitzalan have all joined Sylvain White's SLENDER MAN, which has been given a May 18, 2018 release date by Screen Gems.

Written by David Birke and Mike Scannell, the pic centers on...

a tall, thin horrifying figure with preternaturally long arms and a featureless face. He is thought to be responsible for the haunting, stalking, and disappearance of countless victims.

The real Slender Man phenomenon is a fascinating one, especially when you consider some of the real-life crimes the cult figure has prompted; the most infamous one involved two young girls who brutally stabbed a classmate in order to impress the ghostly figure. That incident was covered in the documentary BEWARE THE SLENDERMAN.

Most likely, this SLENDER MAN movie will be a more traditional spookfest in which the phantom stalks and scares a bevy of innocent teens in a PG-13-friendly manner.

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Extra Tidbit: Do you have any interest at in in SLENDER MAN?
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