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Smile for the killer camera with Armand Assante on DVD in August

05.26.2011by: Alex DiVincenzo

Image Entertainment will release SMILE on DVD on August 16. No special features are announced, but you can take a look at the cover art below. The film, which was completed back in 2009, is an Italian production but is spoken in English.

The picture marks the debut of writer/director Francesco Gasperoni. Armand Assante (JUDGE DREDD) stars along with Harriet MacMasters-Green, Antonio Cupo, Manuela Zanier, Mourad Zaoui, Robert Capelli Jr., Giorgia Massetti, Tara Haggiag (below) and Rabie Kati.

A carefree summer vacation turns into an inescapable terror trap for a group of young students who buy a vintage instant camera from a mysterious local shop owner (Armand Assante), only to discover that every photo taken with the camera leads to the subject’s death--in grisly ways linked to the picture itself. Unless they can unravel the bloody mystery before their dwindling group is wiped out completely by this supernatural, unstoppable force, the kids will be posing for their final snap-shot!

Pre-order SMILE on DVD HERE.

Extra Tidbit: Might you check this one out?
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