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Snipes walks gallows

07.13.2006by: Pat Torfe

When we last left Mr. Wesley Snipes, he had a bit of a chip on his shoulder for the way things went down with BLADE: TRINITY. Snipes hasn't been in the horror spotlight until now, with his return to the genre in Andrew Goth's GALLOWWALKER.

Production Weekly reports that Snipes will play Kaos, a mysterious gunman whose mother (a nun) breaks her faith with God in order to make sure that her son stays alive. This bring about a curse: anyone who dies by Kaos' gun returns to life for revenge. Interesting concept by Joanna Reay, who wrote the script.

Right now, all that's floating around the net is a teaser site for the film which you can find here, but hey, the film has Wesley Snipes in it, and he's kicking ass, so you know that the film will at least have sweet action sequences. Stay tuned for more as we get it.



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