Sorority House Massacre hitting Blu-ray in July

Carol Frank's 1986 slasher film SORORITY HOUSE MASSACRE will be getting the Blu-ray treatment thanks to the folks over at Scorpion Releasing who will drop this little horror gem on shelves July 8th. The list of special features hasn't been released yet but we did get our hands on the film's Blu-ray cover art!

Here's the synopsis: 

When Beth comes to visit her friends at the Sorority she gets a strange feeling from the house…it seems hauntingly familiar. The girls just want to have fun, but Beth suffers from nightmares of a knife wielding killer. Little does she know, a dangerous psycho has just escaped from the mental ward, and is heading straight for the Sorority! The girls’ night of fun quickly becomes a night of terror as the killer stalks them one by one!

Directed by Carol Frank, SORORITY HOUSE MASSACRE stars Angela O'Neill, Wendy Martel, and Pamela Ross.

Extra Tidbit: Will any of you guys be picking this one up on Blu-ray?
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