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Square off with the trailer for low-budget mash-up Ninja Zombies

12.30.2011by: Jake Dee

Yes folks...it's NINJA ZOMBIES. Do I really need to specify any further?!?

Probably not, but I will anyway. NINJA ZOMBIES is a sub-million dollar movie from Fairway Film Alliance, directed by Noah Cooper. We have the synopsis, poster, trailer and website below, so if you're into low-budget schlock, please take a peek.

Co-written with Cooper by Mike Castro, NINJA ZOMBIES asks:

What do you get when you combine the deadly ninja with the horrific zombie? Amazing action sequences, suspense and scares, gore, violence and plenty of laughs! On the surface, Ninja Zombies is an action-comedy-horror film, or a zom-com with martial arts. At its core, however, it's a film about friendship, growing up, and accepting responsibilities that you never wanted. Dameon, a young landlord with no real job or obligations, begins having nightmares - flashes from the life of a samurai on the run who tries to rid his world of an evil Hell Sword that could raise the dead (the Jigoku no Ken). When he finds a chest containing his family's ancestral sword and a mysterious journal, he realizes that his dreams were real and the samurai was his ancestor. He discovers that there are two swords: this one from the chest is good and grants him his ancestor's fighting power, but the evil sword from his dreams is also real...

As is usually the case with these really low-budget flicks, Castro, the writer of the film, also stars. He does so along with Mike Lee, Arun Storrs (below), Pamela Chan, Lloyd Kaufman, Sang Kim, Ashley Williams and Erika Tsang.

Extra Tidbit: What's been your favorite zombie mash-up so far?
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