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Stan Winston's creature feature Speed Demon picked up

03.19.2010by: Jared Pacheco
It seems the late, great Stan Winston isn't done yet folks! Even from beyond the grave the man is still bringing us the goods. Eery huh? Well maybe not when it's Stan Winston.

You see Variety are reporting that Paradox Entertainement has just picked up the creature feature SPEED DEMON, which Winston helped develop with Peter Winther, who'll actually be directing the film. The script comes from Mike Sorrentino and Randy Vampotic with UNDERWORLD 3 director Patrick Tatopoulos formerly working with Winston to come up with the creatures for the film. Ready for the rundown?

SPEED DEMON is a supernatural actioner about an underworld enforcer, who while hunting a small-time crook on a desert highway discovers that he is also being tracked by a mysterious, terrifying creature.

I love me a good creature feature and it's actually been a while since we've seen a solid effort so this definitely has me intrigued. What says you guys? Considering the legendary Stan Winston (above) worked on this bad boy how can you not be excited? Exactly. Paradox Entertainment's Fredrik Malmberg, who's producing SPEED DEMON, had the following to say:

"'Speed Demon'" is more than a classic creature-feature and has great merchandising potential, making it a perfect match for Paradox."

Works for me! Now that's all we've got right now for SPEED DEMON but hopefully some more details come at us soon. As always be sure to keep it here for updates.

Extra Tidbit: Paradox Entertainment are also the ones behind the upcoming Rachel Nichols (above) starring CONAN THE BARBARIAN remake heading our way.
Source: Variety



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