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Stanley Tucci, Jemaine Clement, Asa Butterfield join Sam Fell's Croak

10.23.2015by: Brennan Klein

PARANORMAN director Sam Fell's live action debut CROAK has big name actors lining up around the block. Joining Gillian Anderson (as a grim reaping Mistress) and Tilda Cobham-Hervey are Stanley Tucci, Jemaine Clement (WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS, Flight of the Conchords), and Asa Butterfield (HUGO, ENDER'S GAME).

Butterfield, who was recently in talks to play Spider-Man in the newest inexplicable reboot, will be replacing Kodi Smit-McPhee (THE ROAD, LET ME IN) as Anderson's ward.

CROAK centers on world-weary 17-year-old Jenny (Cobham-Hervey) and mysterious, geeky Marcus (Butterfield) - a young grim reaper living somewhere between the land of the living and oblivion.

Rounding out the crew of CROAK are visual effects supervisor Adam McInnes (Game of Thrones), Oscar-winning costume designer Ngila Dickson (THE LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy) and FX powerhouse Double Negative (TERMINATOR: GENISYS, ANT-MAN).

Asa Butterfield in ENDER'S GAME
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