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Starship Troopers 4 happening and it will be a CG feature!

10.11.2010by: Moises Hernandez

STARSHIP TROOPERS is a franchise that I can live with. When the first flick came out, I watched it about a good dozen times before realizing that another film had won me over as a fan. If you've been following STARSHIP TROOPERS then you're no stranger to the fansite Starshiptroopersfans.net which lives and operates on the franchise's news.

Thanks to them, we've now got a nice scoop that gives only brief details about the future of the "soldier vs. bug" films. While there are no current details over the film, word is that the film will be a full length CG feature and it will definitely be the next installment in the franchise. No silly rip-off or no annoying remake in sight. It's going to just be a solid PART 4.

So what's the catch? It's going to be animated. Love it? Hate it? It's happening. Want the skinny? Sure you do!

The new chapter in the ST saga will be a full length CG feature using the most advanced computer graphic imagery to epically tell the next chapter in the story of humankind fighting against The Bug.

While there is not much to go by, we can at least hold our breaths until the press release swings around. If you're rooting for another film then you're actually not alone...in the celebrity sense. Actors from the previous films have spoken out on their interest in participating in another new film. Casper Van Dien and Jolene Blalock share their comments:

"I would love to come back in STARSHIP TROOPERS 4," says Van Dien. "Definitely. Count me in! The support of fans is very important to us. It depends on Sony and Sony Television, but more than anything – it depends on how much you'll root for it!"

Blalock's enthusiasim  was just as apparent: "I had great fun doing STARSHIP TROOPERS 3: MARAUDER. I loved Captain Lola Beck. She kicks ass. She's a bad-ass ... I'd love to play her again. I want to be in STARSHIP TROOPERS 4!"

So what say you guys? Is this a project worth watching for? You let us know down below!

Extra Tidbit: What's your opinion on an animated sequel to STARSHIP TROOPERS?



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