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T4 sneak peek!

12.04.2008by: Eric Walkuski

What we have here is essentially a trailer for a trailer, and as silly as that sounds, it's pretty damn compelling. Apparently on Tuesday December 9th, Entertainment Tonight will be hosting a brand new TERMINATOR SALVATION trailer, brought to you by McG himself! (Hold your applause.) So naturally they aired a preview hyping that event, and we've got it for you! Just click on the image below to give it a peek.

I definitely dig how dark the movie looks, although of course it should be gritty and ominous considering how grim the material is. It looks like MAD MAX meets TRANSFORMERS, which I can get behind. Doesn't hurt that Christian Bale is the man, of course, plus you've also got newcomer Sam Worthington who is soon to be A-list - he's also the lead in James Cameron's AVATAR and Louis Letteier's CLASH OF THE TITANS. Although if you're really curious about the actor, you can see him in the killer croc flick ROGUE.

Plus, let's face facts: giant robots are f*cking cool. (TRANSFORMERS being the exception, but I don't think the cyborgs in T4 are going to be pissing on anyone's head.)

TERMINATOR: SALVATION comes out on MAY 22nd.

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