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Teaser for Human Vs. Zombies director Brian T. Jaynes's Patient Zero

02.24.2012by: Eric Walkuski

HUMANS VS. ZOMBIES director Brian T. Jaynes is sticking with drooling, bloodthirsty ghouls for his follow-up, PATIENT ZERO. The film was acquired by distribution company Hannover House, which plans on releasing it this summer, and we've got a teaser trailer to share; watch it below.

While it obviously has a low budget, the teaser is slick enough. It's good to see some biological zombie action for a change, as well.

The synopsi: Two young scientists are swept up in a government plot to suppress the truth about a biological disaster at a genetic research facility.

Starring Amanda Phillips, Brandon Slagle, Natalie Wilemon, Jackey Hall, Frederic Doss, Carl Savering and Van Quattro, PATIENT ZERO will be released on DVD, Blu-Ray and VOD in AUGUST.

Extra Tidbit: How is PATIENT ZERO looking to you?
Source: AITH



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