The Raid remake has lost Frank Grillo, too

When the news came out within the last week that the remake of Gareth Evans' THE RAID: REDEMPTION had lost its director (Patrick Hughes), one of its production companies (Screen Gems), its distributor (Sony), and its lead actor (Taylor Kitsch), there was a silver lining to the whole situation: it appeared that co-star Frank Grillo (THE PURGE: ANARCHY) was still attached to the project.

That silver lining has now vanished, as Grillo took to his Twitter account to make a clarification - 

Let's put this to rest. I'm no longer attached to #TheRaid in any way.

That leaves remaining production company XYZ Films with a lot of holes to fill in. They do still have the blessing of Evans, at least. Evans will executive produce the remake and has also done some work on the screenplay. Writers Brad Ingelsby and Erich and Jon Hoeber have also worked on the script, which is faithful to REDEMPTION and

centers on an elite SWAT team tasked with raiding an impenetrable safe house in which one of the world’s most notorious drug lords resides. When a spotter tips the drug lord off to the impending assault, the building’s lights are cut and all exits blocked. Stranded on the 6th floor, the squad must fight their way through the city’s most dangerous gangsters in order to survive.

It is quite disappointing to hear that Grillo won't be involved if/when XYZ Films gets the remake off the ground. Things aren't looking so good for the re-do at the moment, but maybe other impressive names will become attached to it in the future.

Extra Tidbit: Who would you like to see cast in the remake?
Source: Twitter



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