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Tom Six spills details about The Human Centipede 2: Full Sequence

09.22.2011by: Marcey Papandrea

What is quite possibly the most talked about and controversial film over the past few months is Tom Six’s sequel THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE 2: FULL SEQUENCE.

The film has been out right banned and cut in many countries, but will it live up to this reputation it is getting? Personally I was not a fan of the original and from what I have seen of this I am not sure I’ll like this either. Personal tastes I guess, but I’ll give Tom Six props for having the balls to venture into this territory.

Recently the man conducted an interview, and he let loose on a few things concerning the film.

How much 'human centipede' will be in the film: "I don’t know exactly the percentage. Just like in Part I, I saved it for last. I shot all the other stuff first. A little less than half of the shooting time. We had chairs everywhere, because there are people in the centipede, in “Part II,” that are more heavy than the thin characters in Part I. They suffered for it. They enjoyed every moment but it was really tough on them."

He spoke about whether or not he originally intended for there to be sequels to the original: “I made Part I very much psychological. A lot of things happen in your head and you don’t actually see it on the screen. In Part II, I really wanted to make it more graphic, show everything that I didn’t show in Part I. Because I see so many horror films that have a sequel, then the sequel fails because it’s like a copy of the first one. Most of the time it’s not better, or it’s not original, and then it fails. When I was doing promotion for Part I and starting to write Part II, so many people at festivals all over the world, they said, “What if some maniac out there tries to copy your idea?” And then I knew that’s exactly the idea I must pursue.”

On whether his reputation made it difficult to get this film made: “The production process was oh so much easier. As you can imagine, when we did the castings for the people inside the centipede, so many actors wanted to be in there. At the auditions they came in and they sat on their hands and knees right away. “When can I start?” Of course, the villain was more difficult, because people who’ve seen Part I really admire Dr. Heiter, and that’s what I really didn’t want. I want the complete opposite of Dr. Heiter. I had this very specific character in my mind for the Martin character, and I saw a lot of people but none of them made it. And when Laurence came in, I thought, my God, that’s him, that’s him. He looks amazing. And then I asked him to rape a chair. Because I wanted to see, is he capable of giving it all as an actor? That’s very important for me. And he did it, and he did it so convincingly and he had no shame whatsoever. And I thought, that’s it, that’s the guy.”

What he has to say on a third entry: “I really wanted to make a second one, and overall I wanted to make three. Because three films make a human centipede, you can actually place them together and they form one film of four and a half hours. I have some really cool things for Part 3 in store. I have one film more to show some more crazy ideas. But then I am fed up with “Human Centipede” so I don’t want to do it anymore.”

You can read the entire interview HERE. The film will make its world premiere at Fantastic Fest, and hit theaters October 7th.

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Extra Tidbit: Are you excited for this one? Or is it out of morbid curiosity you want to see it?
Source: NY Times



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