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TV Review: The Walking Dead (Season 4, Episode 10, February 16, 2014)

02.16.2014by: J.A. Hamilton

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EPISODE 10: Inmates

THE HOOK: In the wake of war with Woodbury, Rick and his group have turned the prison into a working community, but danger continues to stir on the outside as well as from within.

The following contains MAJOR SPOILERS, so I don't recommend reading this if you haven't watched this episode

THE LOWDOWN: Now THAT was an episode! Donít get me wrong, I enjoyed last weekís walkabout, but tonight we got thrown directly into the fire. Opening up with Beth and Daryl got me hopeful that weíd be with them for most of the night. We were not. It was still a powerful performance, mostly due to Bethís solemn monologue from a time earlier on (loved the sinister imagery with the birds circling over their heads). Daryl doesnít seem overly optimistic, though I canít say I blame him, but letís hope he has a lot of patience because Beth seems a little too hotheaded at the moment. Watching her crumple up the pages of her journal and toss them into the fire spoke volumes for the severity of their situation. I canít blame Beth for losing hope, finding those walkers eating people on the train tracks would be mortifying to say to least.

Of all the survivor combos tonight, the Tyreese, Lizzie, Mika and Judith combo is by the far the most nuts. Firstly, I almost teared up when Tyreese turned around and was holding Judith. I didnít think she was dead, but then again, you never know with this show. Having a baby crying is probably one of the worst things you can have going for in that world, but worse still is giving her over to that ridiculous nutbag Lizzie. Are you f*cking kidding me?! I canít stand that kid, and to see her slowly suffocating Judith? Thatís downright unforgivable. I know sheís a kid, but I hope she dies a horrible, horrible death. And then, out of nowhere, Carol 2.0 is back in the house bitches! Yes, I wanted to see her cross paths with Daryl (which will obviously happen), but damn was I happy to see her. Of course, the irony is, of all the groups she could stumble across, it would have to the one with Tyreese in it. Thankfully he has no idea what she did. And the plot thickens. Oh, and itís also worth mentioning that they stumble onto a new place up the tracks. Terminus. Sounds like a Terminator basecamp. Carol should fit in nicely.

The Maggie, Bob and Sasha group is no less hard watch. Maggie is near broken, and beyond reckless. I still havenít figured Bob out completely, but his overly chipper mood gives me the creeps. I like Sasha, but her and Bob are feeling a little expendable. I expected one of them to not survive the bus attack, but they did. Maggieís unstable, but after watching her father get beheaded, and losing Glenn, Iím willing to give her a pass. That said, not sure Iíd be following her lead.

THE WALKING DEAD SEASON 4's tenth episode is a powder keg of excitement, thrills and surprises. Of all of them, I felt the worst for Glenn. Dude just barely survived a run-in with death, only to be thrown into the prison debacle and now wakes up alone like heís just snapped out of a bad acid trip. Iíd love to know how he ended up back in the prison, but Iím sure weíll find out later. Good on him though for snapping the hell out of it (no time for a nap Glenn) and not only scoring some riot gear (sweet), but snagging a hell of a supply score as well. It was odd seeing Tara just sitting there ready to die. But hey, Glenn is still Glenn so he grabs her and makes use of her. Sure, he says heís only doing it because he needs her, but after seeing him help with Rick in S1 we all know he canít leave someone behind. I cringed when she told him about Hershel, and then out of nowhere he collapses, but that wasnít even the craziest part. Tara starts bitching someone out, and when the camera turns we see, none other than, Abraham Ford, one of my favorite characters from the comics. Iím now officially excited.

ZOMBIE KILL OF THE WEEK: Tara destroys a walkers head until its mush. I guess sheís not ready to die after all.

BLOOD AND GORE: Thereís lots of death and mayhem to go around. Walkers get knifed, shot and beaten to a pulp, but they also gorge on a few dummies in the process. Red is the official color of the night.

WTF CHARACTER MOMENT: Lizzie. Okay, I knew this kid was psycho, but killing a damn baby!? You just freaked at Tyreese for yelling at Mika because she doesnít understand the situation, yet you turn around ready to kill Judith because sheís cryingóshe clearly doesnít understand whatís going on. Thereís a special place in hell waiting for you Lizzie.

COOLEST SCENE: There were lots of cool things going on tonight, but seeing Glenn man up and go full tilt into a herd of walkers to fight his way out of the prison was all kinds of badass.



Extra Tidbit: Do you think Carol will break down and tell Tyreese the truth before he hears it from someone else?



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