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Two more added to cast of John Reegan's Sherwood Horror

06.08.2010by: Jake Dee

Groundhog day marked our last article written for John Reegan's SHERWOOD HORROR, his twisted take on a modern Robin Hood fable with bite. When we last spoke about the flick, we learned veteran actor Bill McKinney had joined the cast. Well, looks like Reegan and company just roped and dragged two more names into the forest, as we've just learned Paul Proios and Austin Two Feathers have been asked to join the production.

Proios, whose scant screen credits include GHOST TOWN: THE MOVIE and G.P.S, is poised to play the role of Guy Gisborne, Nottingham's wicked deputy and right-hand vampire. Two Feathers, who also appeared in GHOST TOWN: THE MOVIE, has come aboard to play a Vampire biker.

The two join the likes of DJ Perry, Taymour Ghazi, Terry Jernigan and Mike Powers.

With story credit shared by Ben Henderson, SHERWOOD HORROR follows:

An ex-con who returns home after a six year absence to find his town under the rule of vampires. He must join forces with his old roughneck hunting buddies to wage war against the evil Sheriff and his horde of blood-sucking minions.

SHERWOOD HORROR lenses next spring for an unspecified 2011 release.

Perry's RENOVATION co-star, Tracilyn Jones!

Extra Tidbit: The picture atop the page is a new conceptual art sketch of Rob Locksley!
Source: AITH



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