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Two more find Magic

06.23.2008by: Ammon Gilbert
A couple of weeks ago I told you about a flick called MAGIC MAN (check that shite HERE), and today we have a casting update for you! Variety is reporting that hottie Bai Ling and 80s action maestro Robert Davi (DIE HARD, RAW DEAL, LICENSE TO KILL, and THE GOONIES) have joined the star studded cast featuring Billy Zane and Andrew Divoff!

Ling is one crazy chica, but a hot crazy chica who could offer just what this flick needs--unapologetic (and gratuitous) nudity. Throw in Davi, who hasn't been in much lately but is always a pleasure when he is, and you have yourself a rockin' good time. Specifics on their roles in the flick are unclear, but one can only speculate as to the details, especially considering this brief synopsis of the flick: MAGIC MAN will focus on a magician who may also be a serial killer.

Doesn't get vaguer than that! Directed by Stuart Cooper and written by Brent Huff and George Saunders, MAGIC MAN is gearing up to start to production as we speak. Or as I write. Or as you read. Anyway, it's coming up fast! I can't flippin' wait to see the fun of the magician serial killer!

Source: Variety



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