UK horror-comedy Strippers Vs. Werewolves heads to the US in September

It has taken Jonathan Glendening’s (Night Wolf) British horror-comedy STRIPPERS VS. WEREWOLVES a little while to cross the pond into the U.S. since being nabbed by Well Go USA back in March, but better late than never when you've got a title like that. The fun-loving flick is scheduled to release on SEPTEMBER 25th.

Starring Adele Silva, Robert Englund, Billy Murray, Martin Kemp, Ali Bastian, Barbara Nedeljakova and Steven Berkoff, STRIPPERS VS. WEREWOLVES goes like this: A war between strippers and werewolves ensues when a member of a bloodthirsty pack of werewolves is murdered in a famous strip club. The girls who work there have until the next full moon before the werewolves’ vicious leader sends his wolf pack to hunt down the killers and seek retribution. Problems arise for both parties when the wolf pack realizes the club owner is experienced in dealing with hostile lycanthropes and that one of their own is dating a dancer from the club.

Bonus Features Includes a Producers’ Commentary with Jonathan Sothcott and Simon Phillips and a Behind the Scenes featurette. Pre-order this fanged babe on Blu-ray HERE or DVD HERE.

Check out the trailer below.

Adele Silva

Extra Tidbit: Despite the presence of Robert Englund, this is NOT a sequel to ZOMBIE STRIPPERS.



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