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Valley of the Sasquatch drops new trailer and poster

01.26.2016by: Eric Walkuski


With Bigfoot back in style thanks to movies like WILLOW CREEK and EXISTS, now's a perfect time to keep the good vibes flowing for the hairy ol monster; to wit, here's the new poster and trailer for John Portanova's VALLEY OF THE SASQUATCH, which was snatched up by Devilworks for international distribution after hitting a variety of festivals last year.

VALLEY OF THE SASQUATCH stars Bill Oberst Jr, Jason Vail, Miles Joris-Peyrafitte, D'Angelo Midili and David Saucedo. The film tells the story of...

a father and son who are forced to move to an old cabin in the woods after a devastating tragedy. The forest unearths a tribe of Sasquatch who are determined to protect their land. 

Devilworks will be selling VALLEY to international buyers at the upcoming EFM Market in Berlin.


Trailer VALLEY OF THE SASQUATCH USA Horror/Creature (92 min feature) from DEVILWORKS on Vimeo.


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