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Vampire's Assistant pics

08.07.2009by: Ammon Gilbert

Hot off the revelation of THE VAMPIRE'S ASSISTANT's first trailer earlier this week (you know you want to CHECK IT OUT), Universal Pictures released a number of new images from the film today, and... well, if you dug on the trailer and everything this film is about, then you may just find yourself digging on these too.

Personally, absolutely nothing about this film appeals to me. A pre-teen vampire flick with a bearded Salma Hayek. Um, yeah. No. Not really. And these new images don't help sell their case either. Plus, considering the original title (CIRQUE DU FREAK), I keep waiting to see some freaks and I haven't really seen any yet. Where's the freaks?

Regardless of my crappy opinion, these here photos are new and worth checking out... if just to satisfy your morbid curiosity about the film. Scroll down for more, and get ready for THE VAMPIRE'S ASSISTANT in theaters everywhere October 23rd.

Extra Tidbit: The film's rated PG-13 for sequences of intense supernatural violence and action, disturbing images, thematic elements and some language.
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