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11.19.2008by: Jared Pacheco
Now we've been hearing about the sequel to Bong Joon-ho's THE HOST for a while now. Seems like that'll be happening much sooner than later. But today I'm here to give you a bit of news on a different kind of HOST. Not a sequel... not a prequel... but a remake. Yes, the dreaded remake.

THE HOST was a pretty cool movie, I don't think it was as good as everyone hyped it up to be... but it's definitely worth a watch. But a remake? Of course not. Well there may be a ray of hope in all of this...

Variety dropped word today that PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN director Gore Verbinski will be producing this one. Obviously the man can't direct with his next project already claimed in the form of BIO-SHOCK, not to mention PIRATES 4, which I'm sure Disney will be approaching Verbinski for. Instead Fredrik Bond will be stepping behind the camera. Who? Exactly. This'll be Bond's feature debut, his only credits being in the form of commercials. The script will be penned by SMART PEOPLE's Mark Poirier.

So we have a commercial director bringing us a remake of a record breaking South Korean monster movie with a script from a guy who's only released credit is a drama/comedy. Interesting mix. Now I really dug SMART PEOPLE and I'm all for giving this group a shot... but I highly doubt this is going to work. Let's hope I'm wrong.

One good note is that it seems Verbinski has been looking to work with Bond for a while now. If the guy that brought us the record breaking PIRATES franchise is getting behind this director maybe there's something to him. Bond was attracted to this project because he 'embraced the opportunity to mix a larger-than-life monster with a heartfelt family drama.' Here's what he had to say about the project:

"It processes a few genres together, and visually it feels close to the stuff I've made over the last few years in commercials, the tonality of humor and the scale."

Not sure what kind of humor he's talking about. If there was any kind of humor in THE HOST, it was all bland in my eyes. Paul Brooks and Vertigo's Roy Lee and Doug Davison will be producing with Verbinski. We'll definitely be keeping an eye on this remake, so keep it here for any updates as we hear them.

Source: Variety



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