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Wyatt Earp & Doc Holiday face a mysterious Shaman in western Wild Guns!

04.04.2011by: Jake Dee

A supernatural western? Could this be everything JONAH HEX wasn't?

According to THR, Warner Bros. has preemptively scooped WILD GUNS, a kidnap and revenge western written on spec by T.S. Nowlin. The flick deals with the likes of Wyatt Earp and Doc Holiday, in a pic described as a cross between TOMBSTONE and SHERLOCK HOLMES. Hollywood Gang is set to produce.

The story of WILD GUNS is set shortly after the Civil War and follows legendary gunslingers Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday. The duo team-up to rescue the daughter of Sitting Bull, who has been kidnapped by a powerful Shaman with mysterious powers who is terrorizing the Western plains.

A terrorizing Shaman with mysterious powers? Count my chips all in! I love westerns that have a supernatural bent, be it older fare like HIGH PLAINS DRIFTER or newer outings like BLOOD RIVER. When done well, the horror-western hybrid is truly something to behold!

No word on who will direct WILD GUNS at this time, but if the script is as strong as Nowlin's other recently sold spec, COLUMBUS, he may attract someone as high profile as he did on that film; McG. Of course, dude loves his historical figures, as Nowlin also has MARCO POLO in the works at Endgame.

But let's hear from you. You dig the premise of WILD GUNS? You think they should push the supernatural element hard or would you rather see a conventional kidnap-and-retrieve western?

TOMBSTONE hottie Dana Delany!

Extra Tidbit: What's your favorite horror/western?
Source: THR



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