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Zack Snyder discusses "super scary" Army of the Dead!

09.02.2010by: Moises Hernandez

Zack Snyder's got a bit to chew on ever since he suckerpunch-ed the hell out of Comic-Con 2011 with SUCKERPUNCH. But after speaking with EW, could there be more to his future zombie plans?

Hell-to-the-yes. A few details were given over his "planned" zombie epic and while there still isn't much to go on a lot was still said about his "dream zombie project." Snyder mentions that the project titled ARMY OF THE DEAD is “a zombie movie I’ve put together about my love of zombies." So Snyder's basically paying a homage to the genre that helped jump start his career? +2 respect points from me. Even though, personally, I didn't feel DAWN OF THE DEAD was spot on the man has an eye for fast (or poetically slow) moving action.

Get the low-down on the first snippet of ARMY OF THE DEAD: “It’s set after a zombie apocalypse, about a group of guys that go after some money that has been left in Vegas, which is now a walled city full of zombies. There’s a twist, because one of guys, his daughter is—.” Let’s just say that Snyder then describes a horrifying scenario that perhaps should go unspoiled for now. Or in other words, “The zombies are super-scary.”

Oh Zack Snyder, you tease. That's pretty much all that we have for now and while that may not be much it's still worth sinking our teeth into for the next year or so...or whenever this sucker starts to gain some more steam. Aside from his upcoming animated film with talking owls who make their own shit, Snyder's still got more projects "to be." Strike down below and let us know if you dig ARMY OF THE DEAD so far or not.

Extra Tidbit: I'm still waiting for my RAINBOW SIX movie dammit.



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