2012 sans FX

Have you watched any of the 2012 trailers so far and thought, "Man, I love my disaster porn, but I really wish I could just concentrate on John Cusack's superb acting in this movie?" Well, at least one person alive did, and that’s why they made this video, which strips all the special effects out of the film and showcases just how many different ways John Cusack can scream.

I’ve always thought that the 2012 looked like a parody of a Roland Emmerich movie, where literally nothing happens except mass destruction over and over again. You know, like one of those fake trailers before GRINDHOUSE? In any case, the visuals look out of this world, and no amount of John Cusack can discourage me from seeing it at this point.

And I know it’s an old meme by now, but I just about lost it once I heard that famous melody…


Extra Tidbit: This is one movie that I actually think could have rocked in 3D.
Source: JoBlo



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