28 Months Later??

England hasn't even been re-infected with rage yet, but 28 DAYS LATER director and 28 WEEKS LATER exec producer Danny Boyle is already giving consideration to where those speedy homicidal freaks could travel next.

Boyle was apparently out promoting his deep space flick SUNSHINE (which we don't get in the US until later in the year), and told an Irish radio station that he'd like to see the toxic killers invade a nearby European country known for its cuisine, bike race, and general Frenchness. The potential title would be the logical progression: 28 MONTHS LATER (I assume because 28 FORTNIGHTS LATER doesn't translate globally).

Of course, Boyle could just be twisting our nips with a gag... besides, any possible sequel is really up to Fox Atomic, based on how well the sequel does as it mangles people around the world starting in May.
Extra Tidbit: Boyle originally wanted frequent collaborator Ewan McGregor to play the role that eventually went to Cillian Murphy, which ended up being his breakthrough role.
Source: Moviehole.net



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