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4th Austin Powers


After the complete disaster that was this summerís THE LOVE GURU, Mike Myers needs a hit. Bad. And it doesnít count if heís big and green and Scottish. No. the REAL Mike Myers needs a hit. So what do actors do when they need a hit? They go back to their old stalwart. Back to that one little guy that canít miss. In Myerís case that sure thing is Austin Powers; so it should come as no surprise that Myerís is indeed developing a fourth installment of the smash series.

Hereís the catch: This time around the film will be from the perspective of Dr. Evil and in particular his relationship with his son Scott, infamously played by Seth Green. It appears Mr. Myers has some Daddy issues that he needs to explore using the cathartic power of dick jokes. An insider says:

"It's very personal with a father and son theme loosely based on his own life.Ē

Iím compelled to argue that maybe a 4th Powers film might be pushing it a tad, and that the man needs to explore new, uncharted characters. But thatís how we got THE LOVE GURU soooÖÖ
Extra Tidbit: Somehow I don't think a film starring Seth Green can revive Mike Myers' career.
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Latest Entertainment News Headlines


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