A new trio of vintage Kick-Ass posters

KICK-ASS is reported to have kicked a lot of ass at SXSW this weekend, and when it made its debut, it also came with this new set of vintage posters which you can see below (via MTV).

From far away, they look a bit odd, as it appears that old promotional photos have simply been copy/pasted onto the posters, but if you look at the huge versions (by clicking on them), you can see they have more of a hand-drawn feel to them (though I think it’s more of a photoshop filter than actual artwork).

I’m all aboard the KICK-ASS bandwagon, don't get me wrong, but recently, I’m getting a bit fatigued from media oversaturation. I believe since it was announced, we here at JoBlo have written close to 35 stories about the movie when new info, images, posters and trailers came out, and I think the only thing left to do now is see the damn movie.

April 16th awaits.

Extra Tidbit: That being said, I still want the Red Mist one for my room.
Source: MTV



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