Abrams' next not Trek?

Many people assumed, me included, that Paramount would be so hot to capitalize on the huge success of STAR TREK that they'd have JJ Abrams working on a sequel as quickly as possible. And while Abrams and his producers and writers are certainly hammering out the finer points, it hasn't been anything like the TRANSFORMERS franchise where a release date is announced before any development really takes place. Now it seems that TREK 2 might not even be Abrams' next directorial project. The-who-to-the-what-now??

Buried at the bottom of an article on Paramount's success in 2009 in the New York Times, was a brief mention that chairman Brad Grey is developing both STAR TREK 2 and MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 4 with Abrams. We knew both of those things so nothing Earth-shattering there but then in the next sentence we a hint that there's another secret Abrams project. Grey said it's "possible" that Abrams will instead next direct another "tentpole film" that Abrams is working on but hasn't been spoken of publicly.

Hmmm. Could it be the leaked 500 RADS project that we don't know much about? Or is it something completely different altogether? Feel free to wildly speculate below...

Extra Tidbit: Abrams was developing an earthquake movie for Universal but that seems to have died.
Source: NY Times



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