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Another Spidey rumor


His Spider

I'm about to officially christen this week the Spidey 4 Rumor Week, 'cause here comes another one, courtesy of Nikki Finke's Deadline Hollywood.

The movie blogger/gossiper says she's heard from a number of sources that the peeps behind SPIDER-MAN 4 have approached one more actress to star in the film, but for what role we know not. The lady in question is one Anne Hathaway. Let's digest that for a moment.

Ok, moment's over. Finke's report says whatever the role is, it's definitely NOT Mary Jane who so far isn't looking like it'll be re-cast. Doubtful that she'd be asked to play a third-string character like Jameson's secretary, so... Black Cat? What do you guys think, Julia Stiles or Anne Hathaway? Or my choice - Elisha Cuthbert?...

Extra Tidbit: Will Elizabeth Banks will be back? She's not a mega-star but still she probably costs a bit more now than when she did the first Spidey...
Source: Collider



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