Arrow's Sitges diary

Our man Arrow is currently hanging at the Sitges Film Festival where, among other things, he's premiering his short film RED HOURS. He recently posted a quick diary of the film's premiere, which is a fascinating read. Arrow is nothing if not honest and he talks candidly about what worked and what didn't:

The screening didn’t go well. One layer of sound was missing during the projection and it was obvious that the moderately big press crowd was not getting it as it was rolling on. Like...AT ALL! At the end they gave up little clapping but put out lots of whistles (which are Spanish boos – I know, classy shit for press). They didn’t like it. All good. I actually took the negative reaction much better than I thought I would.

Arrow talks more about the second screening, which was for a public audience. How'd it go? Were there more boos? A triumphant comeback? Head over to AITH to read all about it!

Source: AITH



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