Aussie Abe Lincoln? Eric Bana may fight vamps; also becomes bro to Olivia Wilde for KIN

If a Brit can play one of America's greatest Presidents, why not an Australian?

As Daniel Day-Lewis prepares his beard to play the part for Steven Spielberg's biopic, WANTED director Timur Bekmambetov is seeking an appropriately action-ready actor to star in ABRAHAM LINCOLN, VAMPIRE HUNTER. And The Wrap claims that Aussie hunk and proven badass Eric Bana is "circling" the role. Abs Lincoln?

Fox has rapidly pushed the project (produced by Tim Burton) into the pipeline, with a production start in the first half of next year and a release date scheduled for June 22, 2012. The movie is an adaptation of Seth Grahame-Smith's historical/fiction mashup book about the US leader's secret battle with bloodsuckers.

Meanwhile, Variety reports that Bana will co-star with TRON LEGACY stunner Olivia Wilde and "Sons of Anarchy" biker Charlie Hunnam for KIN, a crime thriller about two desperate sibling fugitives (Bana/Wilde) who get mixed up with the holiday homecoming of a troubled ex-boxer (Hunnam). Stefan Ruzowitzky, who made the Oscar-winning foreign film THE COUNTERFEITERS, will direct.

The divine Ms. Wilde:

Extra Tidbit: You're probably not reading this anyway because of the pic above, so... yeah. Bana's pretty cool.
Source: The WrapVariety



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