Bagul is back! Sinister 2 is on the way from Blumhouse Productions and Scott Derrickson

If you were as blown away by Scott Derrickson's SINISTER as this writer was, then this is welcome news. SINISTER 2 is being prepped. Not exactly a surprise, considering the fact that any profitable horror film will likely spawn a follow-up or two (or three or ten), but the original film's conclusion - and the very nature of its villain - made a Part Two practically inevitable.

Bagul, aka Mr. Boogie, is returning to the big screen courtesy of Derrickson, his co-writer C. Robert Cargill and producer Jason Blum, whose name is synonymous with horror franchises at the moment (he's the man dishing out PARANORMAL ACTIVITY and INSIDIOUS flicks). As Deadline.com has it, Derrickson and Cargill are definitely writing and producing the sequel, but Derrickson's return to the director's chair isn't a sure thing just yet.

Of course, story details are currently nil, but it's a sure bet Bagul will be terrorizing a new family in his own particular fashion. While it's easy to be cynical of sequels, SINISTER was so well crafted, not to mention flat-out scary, that one can only imagine the frightening possibilities.

Extra Tidbit: Are you in favor of a SINISTER sequel?
Source: Deadline.com



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