Bale fights future?

The following is very good news for two types of people: fans of the TERMINATOR franchise, and fans of Christian Bale. Christian Bale has signed on to play T-1000 in Jay Roach’s remake of TERMINATOR 2: JUDGEMENT DAY. Oh, and also, AICN is reporting with almost 100% certainty that Christian Bale will star as an older John Conner in the TERMINATOR SALVATION: THE FUTURE BEGINS, most likely to be directed by McG.

As you all know, three more TERMINATOR films are in the work, all three presumably taking place in the future where the humans are in an all out war with Skynet and its army of machines. John Connor is all grown up and must lead man’s resistant against the robots. I liked this story so much, but only when it was mentioned in the first TERMINATOR movies. It had a sense of ominous doom. I worry that if a movie focuses on this actual war, it will lose its mythic quality, much like the war between humans and machines in THE MATRIX lost it when it became too overblown in the sequels. Also, Christian Bale as John Connor is genuinely exciting, there’s no denying that, but does he really want to attach himself to another franchise?

Extra Tidbit: Christian Bale has never had any formal acting training.
Source: AintItCoolNews



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