BD-Live meets Facebook

While BD-Live is an intriguing part of Blu-ray functionality, so far there haven't been many truly compelling ways to utilize the feature. There was the Christopher Nolan chat for THE DARK KNIGHT but beyond that it's been pretty stale. Warner Bros., the same people behind TDK, are looking to change that with the upcoming release of "Watchmen: Director's Cut." The studio has partnered with Facebook for the WATCHMEN Blu-ray disc on a feature that will allow viewers to watch the film and share commentary with their Facebook friends. While you could do something similar with your BD-Live buddy list, the amount of people available on BD-Live is tiny compared to what Facebook can offer. While this sounds like a good idea, it frankly makes a little more sense for Twitter, no? (Perhaps if Facebook is a success, Twitter will be next....)

In addition to the BD-Live features, the expansive WATCHMEN disc will also include a split-screen video commentary from Zack Snyder. The disc, which will retail for $34.99, is expected to hit stores the week of Comic-Con (smart!).

Extra Tidbit: The single-disc DVD version of WATCHMEN will offer no special features.
Source: Variety



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