Beowulf pics!

UPDATE: Paramount has asked AICN to remove these pics from their site, and ours accordingly. Instead, we've posted some hot shots of Angelina Jolie below. Got a problem with that?

Sadly Robert Zemeckis' motion-capture adaptation of BEOWULF isn't hitting theaters for another year. But Ain't It Cool News was able to get ahold of some scans for an upcoming behind-the-scenes photobook and we get a good glimpse of what we're in for. The shots are all pre-production art (unless I'm mistaken) so we don't get a sense for exactly how the technology has improved since POLAR EXPRESS and MONSTER HOUSE but the drawings themselves are still impressive. Check out the many shots of Angelina Jolie (like the one below with her boobs on fire - WTF?) as Grendel's mother. Speaking of, a shot of Grendel is one thing I really wish they had. Crispin Glover as Grendel will be a sight to be seen, that's for sure. The film - which stars Jolie, Glover, Anthony Hopkins, Alison Lohman, Brendan Gleeson and Robin Wright-Penn - hits theaters on November 16, 2007. Click the pic below to head to AICN to see more.



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