Berg is Herculean

With the not-quite-dark-knight success of this summer’s HANCOCK, Peter Berg has solidified himself as a big picture director. That being said, what better way to stay big than by tackling one of the biggest fictional(?) characters in the history of all that is civilized. And no, Marshmallow Man isn’t getting his own feature, although that’s not such a bad idea. I’m talking about the almighty Hercules. That’s right folks, Peter Berg’s next is HERCULES: THE THRACIAN WARS, and it’s based on a five-issue comicbook series by Steve Moore. Apparently Berg’s Hercules wont merely be a fist-pounding, chest-thumping barbarian but rather a brooding, sensitive existentialist. Says producer Barry Levine:

What resonated for them was that this was character driven, about a character who’s more man than god, with conflicts and redemption.

It sounds like they’re going to have to hire someone that can actually act to play this role. Um, sorry Kevin Sorbo.
Extra Tidbit: Berg is also set to direct and produce a new version of the Frank Herbert sci-fi novel "Dune" for Paramount
Source: Variety



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