Best movie music moments

For all those of you with upcoming assignments due, or with family members who complain that you love your computer more than them, I apologize in advance, because what I’m about to present to you is a portal to Dimension Procrastination. AOL Music has set up a list of the ’77 Most Unforgettable Movie Songs.’ The list doesn’t include songs used in musicals, but instead focuses on pop songs that you now cannot hear without thinking about the scene or the movie it was in (think Elton John’s ‘Tiny Dancer’). You might now be wondering, “okay great, but where does the procrastination come in?” Well the makers of the list have provided Youtube clips for all 77 songs chosen (maybe they only chose songs whose clips were available online?). I tried guessing number one before getting to it, and my guess ended up being number two, while number one came as a bit of shock, classic as it is. Either way, I’m bookmarking this list because I’m far from done with it. Movies and music—you don’t get better. Below is one of my favourite songs used in a film.

Extra Tidbit: Be sure to check out the FIGHT CLUB montage to The Pixies 'Where Is My Mind', at number 71.
Source: AOL



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