Best of the decade

Entertainment Weekly has assembled their Best Everything of Decade list, which is “The 100 greatest movies, TV shows, albums, books, characters, scenes, songs, dresses, videos, and trends that entertained us over the past 10 years.”

How exactly do you compare a great TV show to a song to a fabulous dress? I’ve no idea, but here’s how their top 20 breaks down:

1) A Boy Named Harry Potter

2) The Sopranos

3) YouTube

4) The Lord of the Rings

5) Lost

6) The College Dropout, Kanye West

7) iPod

8) The Daily Show

9) American Idol

10) Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” video

11) Brokeback Mountain

12) A Scoundrel named Capt. Jack Sparrow

13) Arrested Development

14) Gladiator

15) The Road, Cormac McCarthy

16) Facebook

17) The Dark Knight

18) The clothes from SATC

19) “The Landlord” video

20) Buffy The Vampire Slayer, “The Body”

Wow, I guess Beyonce really did have one of the greatest videos OF ALL TIME. But seeing as we’re a movie site, how do you feel about LORD OF THE RINGS, BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN, GLADIATOR and THE DARK KNIGHT being the movie picks for the list, and I guess Harry Potter and Jack Sparrow as well, if you expand the definition? I’m surprisingly alright with those actually, as they have been some of my favorite films of the past ten years.

I’m also pumped that “The Daily Show,” “Lost” and “Arrested Development” made the top twenty, but I would sub in the “The Wire” for “The Sopranos.” If anything, this has list  taught me that EW and I have pretty similar tastes in pop culture. 

To see the whole list, pick up the actual issue when it hits stands tomorrow.

Extra Tidbit: Every viral video on the planet and you pick The Landlord? Ehhh.
Source: EW



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