Best-selling DVDs/Blu-Rays on JoBlo.com (June 2011)

We just added the latest month of BEST-SELLING ITEMS to the site (June 2011) and other than the uber-crappy SEASON OF THE WITCH showing up in there, most of the listed items were expected, although it was nice to see two "pricey" sets for LORD OF THE RINGS and BACK TO THE FUTURE show up, as fans obviously can't get enough of those classics (note to studios: don't overdo it on the double-dipping though).

BTW, if you're someone who purchases your DVDs/Blu-Rays via Amazon.com, please use our links to make your buys because our site benefits from that. Much appreciated! So now, with no further adieu...allow me to present the 12 best-selling digital discs on JoBlo.com during the month of June 2010 (click through the image below to see the runner-ups). Keep track of all upcoming DVDs/Blu-Rays via our RELEASE DATES section, and all check all previous months' sales below. Peace!

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