Best T'formers cameo!

TRANSFORMERS: RISE OF THE FALLEN is currently filming here in New Jersey and we have an awesome new photo from the set:

Pretty hilarious, huh? No, not that guy to the right or Michael Bay who's slowly inching away from that guy. You have to look even closer than that to see the awesomeness. Need some help?

Yeah, that's Beetlejuice from The Howard Stern Show! What the hell he's doing on the set of the TRANSFORMERS sequel is beyond me. The boys at TFLive got the pic along with a report from that guy on the left who said that he saw Beet on set but had no answers. Some are speculating that Beetle (who's as bad as can, BTW) could actually be filming a role in the movie, based on this casting call looking for a little person. Now, we all kinda knew that TRANSFORMERS 2 would be bad-ass but be prepared for it to reach new levels of badness (meaning good).

Extra Tidbit: This is a fascinating documentary on the life of Beetlejuice.
Source: TFLive



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