Big Eyed Kate

Kate Hudson, who I'm planning on taking out for Big Macs once she visits Toronto tomorrow to promote her latest romantic comedy romp FOOL'S GOLD, has got her next project lined up, according to Variety. It's a little ditty called BIG EYES, an independent film about painter Margaret Keane.

The film will be the directorial debut of Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski, who wrote 1408 and are writing this too. The plot doesn't sound terribly exciting, as it follows Keane during "a personal awakening at the onset of the feminist movement in the 1950's", and a lawsuit filed by her husband who claims credit for her work. Keane was famous for the big-eyed girls (hence the title) that she painted. While living under the tyranny of her husband, Keane's works were sad and mournful, but after freeing herself from him and moving to Hawaii, her paintings became much more joyful. Production is slated to start this June and FOOL'S GOLD opens this Friday.

Extra Tidbit: Tim Burton once commissioned Keane to paint a portrait of his ex Lisa Marie holding their pet chihuahua.
Source: Variety



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