Blatant Amy Adams love

Normally I wouldn't give much thought to a director signing on to a romantic comedy but when that romantic comedy stars Amy Adams and I have an excuse to Google "amy adams" for a few minutes, I'll jump at the chance. And to be fair, I did enjoy Anand Tucker's last film, SHOPGIRL, so I'm happy to see he's back in the fold. Tucker will direct Adams in the romantic comedy LEAP YEAR about a woman who travels to Ireland to propose to her boyfriend on February 29th (it's apparently an Irish tradition). As you might expect, things go terribly wrong (but in a wonderfully cute way). Since her Oscar nomination for JUNEBUG and her should have been Oscar nominated turn in ENCHANTED, Adams has been a busy bee. She has DOUBT set for release in December, SUNSHINE CLEANING due next spring and NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM 2 and JULIE AND JULIA both set for release next year. Sadly there won't be another leap year until 2012 so don't expect any clever release dates. And now, just because we randomly have this clip in our video section, it's Amy Adams making out with another hot chick.

Extra Tidbit: Adams' middle name is Lou.
Source: THR



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