Bond 22 director is...

CASINO ROYALE director Martin Campbell once said it was "unlikely" he'd ever return to direct BOND 22. Then he said, well, maybe I would, which translates roughly into drop an assload of cash in my lap and we'll talk. Campbell eventually found another project - Fox's runaway train thriller UNSTOPPABLE - and the Bond producers found another direct. That director is...(drumroll please)...Marc Forster. [To their credit, Latino Review called this about a month ago.] You can call Forster a lot of things, but repetitive he is not. He's gone from MONSTER'S BALL to STAY to STRANGER THAN FICTION and has THE KITE RUNNER on the way later this year. It would be Forster's first attempt at a big-budget action flick and I have to say, it's an inspired and exciting choice. Considering CASINO was one of the best Bond films since the good ole days, they had to come up with a way to try and top it and I think Forster's a perfect choice. He's not your typical Bond direct, which I hope means he can push it a little further out of the norm while still delivering a traditional Bond movie. Thoughts? Share them below.

Extra Tidbit: Forster was offered HARRY POTTER AND THE PRISONER OF AZKABAN but turned it down.



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