Bond likes em Latin?

As happens every time a new James Bond movie gears up to shoot, the rumors are flying about who will be the new Bond girl. FilmJerk is reporting that producers are looking to cast a Latina woman to star as Bond's love interest in BOND 22, which Marc Forster (STRANGER THAN FICTION) is directing. They got their hands on a casting call that is requesting a girl "her late twenties, preferably with South American roots." Other qualifications include being able to handle a "physically demanding role," being a "great actress" and, natch, being beautiful. To all this I say, Catalina Sandino Moreno!! For starters she's 26, which is right around her late-20s. She's of South American roots being born in Colombia. She's a great actress being nominated for an Oscar for her role in MARIA FULL OF GRACE. And damn she's a hottie to boot! What more could James Bond need?! Granted, Moreno (who unfortunately is not related to our own Johnny Moreno) has lately chosen more serious/independent roles (the upcoming LOVE IN THE TIME OF CHOLERA), but this would be a good chance to have some fun and try something new. C'mon Broccolis, give our girl a chance! Filming on BOND 22 is expected to begin early in 2008.

Extra Tidbit: Moreno hooked up with the gaffer from MARIA FULL OF GRACE and has been with him ever since. You go gaffer!
Source: Film Jerk



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