Borat the writer

I must warn all of you that in writing this article I am breaking the cardinal rule of--well, my own cardinal rule: never talk about books. Books and literature in general are a poison of the mind and soul, which is why I have personally dedicated my life to watching and loving movies. That's why whenever a book based on a movie is released, or a movie tie-in book hits shelves, I'm hopelessly confused. But I can say that I've made a conscious and well thought-out choice to bring you this story, book or not.

Borat Sagdiyev, known to most as simply Borat, is writing a travel guide. The Kazakh reporter has signed a deal with Flying Dolphin Press to pen the doubly-titled hardcover book BORAT: TOURISTIC GUIDINGS TO MINOR NATION OF U.S. AND A, and BORAT: TOURISTIC GUIDINGS TO GLORIOUS NATION OF KAZAKHSTAN. It looks like Borat will be doing double duty, showing us the nooks and crannies of his beloved homeland, and the crooks and trannies of his adopted one.

I personally think it's time for Borat to branch out a little. I hear Portugal is beautiful this time of year. You should get out there Borat, and see the world, because your obssession with the US will be your downfall. But at the same time, good for you, because everyone deserves a last-ditch effort to cash in on their massive popularity.

Extra Tidbit: Rumblings of a Borat 2 are brewing in Hollywood. I can't see how it would ever happen, unless it was completley fiction, which would strip the character of his essence.
Source: Slashfilm



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