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Brody is a Courier


Okay. You're in a movie, and you desperately need an important package delivered. There will likely be significant danger involved. Jason Statham is otherwise occupied. Why not give Adrien Brody a try?

The Oscar-winning actor is getting in touch with his action side for THE COURIER, about a daredevil delivery dude who is dispatched to take a briefcase to an elusive underworld figure, while cops and rivals crooks hound him for the mystery item. Sounds a bit like THE TRANSPORTER with more nose.

The script comes from WANTED writers Michael Brandt and Derek Haas, with kinetic mayhem handled by HIGHLANDER director Russell Mulcahy, continuing his slow crawl back to major features after spending a decade or so in TV and video. Mulcahy's last big movie was RESIDENT EVIL: EXTINCTION and he's currently working with Tom Jane for the crime thriller GIVE 'EM HELL, MALONE.

Extra Tidbit: Brody designed cyborg Mario Van Peebles in the 90s action junker SOLO.
Source: Variety



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