Bruckheimer's Jihad

One thing I seem to have in common with superproducer Jerry Bruckheimer is a shared love of things exploding (I'm sure we both really dig money and hot girls as well, but I'm guessing he has more access than myself). Bruckheimer is bringing that fondness for volatility to a more personal and realistic level with a project called JIHADISTS IN PARADISE, based on a magazine article by Mark Bowden.

The Bruck and Bowden have already collaborated on non-fiction detonation with BLACK HAWK DOWN. Bowden is writing the JIHADISTS screenplay for the movie, which involves the Phillipines Islamic terrorist faction Abu Sayyaf and leader Aldam Tilao, who took twenty hostages from a diving resort and dragged several through the jungle for over a year. Tilao was (SPOILER?) ultimately found and killed by the CIA and Filipino military.

Fear not, Bruckheimer will keep the bangs plenty big when the PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN return this summer for the third movie in that franchise.
Extra Tidbit: In the Phillipines, DEJA VU (which Bruckheimer produced) was released as DEJA VU.
Source: Variety



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