Cage Scared Straight

Nicolas Cage and John Carpenter doing a prison riot thriller? Now about 20 years ago this would have been a dream come true. But now - as Cage and Carpenter plan to team on SCARED STRAIGHT - I wonder whether this will be just another in a line of bummers from Cage. Both Cage and Carpenter have something to prove though these days and perhaps together they can jointly get their shit together to give us another good time. In the film, Cage will star as a prison lifer who is forced to protect a juvenile in the Scared Straight program during a prison riot. The film had previously been set up at New Line but is now at Nu Image/Millennium, the folks behind RAMBO. Rob Cohen, who has THE MUMMY 3 in theaters today, is executive producing as he at one point was directing the film. Carpenter hasn't directed a feature since the abysmal 2001 Ice Cube thriller GHOSTS OF MARS. Cage hasn't made a good movie since 2002's ADAPTATION (OK, LORD OF WAR wasn't that bad). Cage is currently filming the BAD LIEUTENANT remake with Eva Mendes.

Extra Tidbit: But will it be as good as this SCARED STRAIGHT movie?



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