CAN: Pics! Pics! Pics!

Look, I'm not gonna BS you guys cause it's not my style. Even with my buddy Deke Richards in tow to back me up to the best of his abilities in Cannes this year, it wasn't the same for me. JoBlo's presence was sorely missed by yours truly and I didn't get to focus on horror fare (like I usually do) as much (not that it would've made a difference - press passes were a big no-no at the market on this round).

With that spat out, that didn't mean I didn't have have a blast and a half! How can I not?! I mean, here I am...in the South of France, reviewing films and enjoying the scenery in more ways than one. It's trips like these that make me appreciate my job ten-fold (well, one of them anyways - this one). So without further ado (whatever that means) here are a couple of shots from my Cannes trip. Hope you dig!

Just landed! Lets hit The Palais!

So this is Cannes eh....


The "jet lagged" Richards (Deke Richards that is) arrives to back me up!

They take their premieres seriously down here, I almost got shot by them soldiers...TWICE!

You see Harrison Ford in there? NEITHER DO I!

Oh there he is (with Karen Allen)... ON A SCREEN!

Frank Darabont's script is not good enough eh Lucas? Sheesh!

Deke Richards propping JoBlo.com and dissing Indy 4 on French TV!

My diet for two weeks! RAAAAR!

Speaking of sandwhiches, me and James Toback (Tyson) talking chow and Mike Tyson being framed for rape.

The limo Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie came out of...ouuuuuuu!

Hitting the red carpet!


Yes... I like chicks' butts... SUE ME!

Taking a break!

Jack Black doing the Panda doo!

My fav image of the Festival, Hoffman get in there with the Press!

This is where they play movies on the beach... you like sand in your Pop Corn?

Its not a Cannes without Mike Hostench of the Sitges Film Festival! GREAT MAN!

A traveling hussy at the Van Damme party! Great party, better hussy!

Forget the dame, where's Van Dammage yo?

A great man was here!

Deke approves of JCVD!

Me and sales agent and  good buddy David Cholewa!

Croisette ornament!

Posturing @ Cannes!

Canuck hospitality! JoBlo.com style!

The highlight of my trip! Nough said!

Meeting Anthrofred of Slasherpool.com

With iron Sky director Timo Vuorensola!

Making new friends!

Just chilling!

Deke, David and I with the Vacuum Killer boys! Great dudes!

Me & The Richards in front of the Palais at night.... yes... impressive!

See ya next year Cannes!


Source: JoBlo.com



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