Capricorn One again

While rewatching the 70s thriller CAPRICORN ONE a while back, I marveled that it hadn't been turned into a remake yet. I guess it just required a bit of real-world relevance. Thanks, NASA's Phoenix mission!

The 1978 conspiracy flick involved a team of astronauts complicit in a fake Mars landing, and their subsequent attempts to evade government forces before the truth can be exposed. The movie, directed by Peter Hyams (OUTLAND, TIMECOP), featured a strong cast that included James Brolin, Sam Waterston, Elliot Gould, Hal Holbrook, Telly Savalas and a pre-murder OJ Simpson.

The 21st century "reimagining" will come from BEHIND ENEMY LINES director John Moore, and writer Peter Buchman, who penned Steven Soderbergh's lengthy Che Guevara biopic. Moore has previous experience with remakes thanks to FLIGHT OF THE PHOENIX and the rather needless redo of THE OMEN, which was apparently designed solely to take advantage of the 6/6/06 release date. Moore is currently finishing up the videogame adaptation MAX PAYNE with Mark Wahlberg.
Extra Tidbit: I feel bad for Mars -- it's had some shitty luck over the past few years in movies. DOOM, GHOSTS OF MARS, RED PLANET, MISSION TO MARS... I'm surprised it hasn't hurled itself into Jupiter in despair.
Source: Variety



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