Carell is Despicable

Back in 2007 Universal, eager to jumpstart their own animation unit, lured head of Fox Animation Chris Meledandri to their studio. That deal is already paying off as Meledandri has set his first animated film at Universal and convinced pal Steve Carell to come along for the ride. Carell, who starred in HORTON HEARS A WHO for Fox and Meledandri, will voice the main character in DESPICABLE ME, a 3-D animated film where the villain is the main character. Carell will play Groo (no relation to Sergio Mendes' comic character), an evil mastermind whose nefarious plot to steal the moon is unwittingly hindered by a trio of orphan girls. Also lending their voices to the film are a pack of Apatow all-stars including Jason Segel, Danny McBride, Russell Brand, Jack McBrayer, Will Arnett and Kristen Wiig along with Jemaine Clement and Julie Andrews. The film will also reteam Carell with HORTON writers Cinco Paul and Ken Daurio. Universal is looking to release the film in 2010 where it will compete with TOY STORY 3, DreamWorks' HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON and Disney's RAPUNZEL.

Extra Tidbit: Carell once served as the voiceover guy for the "Outlaw Golf" videogame series.
Source: Variety



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