Carrie-Anne Moss joins the cast of Netflix's Marvel series AKA Jessica Jones

The quality casting for Marvel projects on Netflix continues as THE MATRIX star Carrie-Anne Moss has joined AKA JESSICA JONES. Moss joins Krysten Ritter, David Tennant, Mike Colter, and Rachael Taylor on the superhero series set to debut later this year. The series represents the second female-centric Marvel series after the currently airing AGENT CARTER on ABC.

Moss plays the no-nonsense Harper, a person in a position of authority who could prove a powerful ally to Jessica — if the titular character doesn’t completely alienate her first, that is. Whether Harper is based on an existing Marvel character is unknown, but the actress has been known for her kick-ass role in THE MATRIX movies as well as quality dramatic roles in MEMENTO, SUSPECT ZERO, and DISTURBIA.

Netflix has truly shown they are looking for quality talent to populate their Marvel offerings with Charlie Cox, Vincent D'Onofrio, and Rosario Dawson in DAREDEVIL. Without having seen a single clip, both DAREDEVIL and AKA JESSICA JONES have instilled a confidence in these projects based on these pre-production choices alone. Hopefully I don't regret those words.

AKA JESSICA JONES debuts this Summer on Netflix.

Source: The Wrap



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